Marty Barrett

Boxing has always been a passion of Marty's. For over 30 years, the fight game has provided Marty with the opportunities to fight competitively and work out with and around 12 champions from Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather Junior. Under the tutelage of Hall of Fame fighter and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Senior, Marty has developed highly regarded teaching skills. With the understanding that not everyone wants to be heavyweight champion of the world, Marty teachers "The Sweet Science" to all ages and body types, in a way that is fun and educational, while getting a great workout.

Darnell Reynolds

“Coach D” comes from Baltimore where he was an amateur fighter and winner of several national boxing championships.  “Coach D’ was later a licensed corner man and trainer for other amateur and professional aspiring boxers in Maryland, Texas, New York and Ohio. “Coach D” has been training fighters in Phoenix since 2010 and now trains people of all ages and levels of fitness to reach their full athletic potential. He specializes in high intensity workouts that combine boxing techniques and aerobic movements for maximal health and fitness.

Isaiah Flores

Isaiah is a Scottsdale native and aspiring boxer. Already in his short career, Isaiah has had a number of winning bouts on the amateur circuit here in the Valley. Isaiah comes from an athletic family in which a number of his close relatives competed at the professional level. Isaiah is a natural athlete himself and was a multiple sport star in high school. Isaiah loves to challenge people with athletically demanding workout routines as well as share the core boxing fundamental techniques that he has learned and utilizes in his career.

Nick Karler

Nick started boxing as a high school senior. He trained for nearly a decade as a fighter in Scottsdale under Marty. Nick also spent time in Las Vegas training with Jeff Mayweather. His boxing journey has also allowed him to train with a number of other pro and amateur fighters. Nick is a Political Science major at ASU and brings a "cerebral" approach to his workouts, combining expert instruction in boxing techniques with core and aerobic exercise for a killer total body workout